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socialmotus-launches-first-australian-developed-social-media-management-toolWritten by: kayla | Published in: Sponsored Announcements

Sydney, NSW October 1, 2012 — SocialMotus, the first all-in-one social media management tool for businesses and agencies developed by an Australian company emerges from stealth mode to unveil in-depth team management and analytics at a fraction of the cost of similar competitors such as Argyle and Wildfire. SocialMotus provides comprehensive multi-user support, conversion tracking integretion with Google Analytics and dozens of features to help businesses create real value from social media.

Businesses are struggling to see positive business outcomes from social media due to restrained company resources. Prior to SocialMotus, no social management tool offered the ability to track ROI conversions from customized campaigns and individual posts while providing multi-user support without costing businesses several hundred dollars.


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