With advances in chip technology, it’s becoming more difficult for Intel to keep up with Moore’s Law, but the company’s CEO says that remains the key baseline when it comes to adding performance and functionality to its processors.

“Our job at Intel is to make sure it lives on as long as possible,” Brian Krzanich said during a keynote at the Intel investor meeting in Santa Clara, California, Thursday.

Next year marks the 50th year anniversary of Moore’s Law, and Intel is planning to mark the event, Krzanich said.

Moore’s Law is based on an observation by Gordon Moore, who co-founded Intel in 1968, that the number of transistors that can be placed on silicon will double every two years, making it possible to improve chip performance and add new functionality. Intel has used Moore’s Law, which was offered in a 1965 paper, as a baseline to pack more transistors onto chips, and reduce their size and cost.

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