Since when do people object to the government deleting a stockpile of electronic records? Since the digital purge could possibly get rid of evidence that Einstein’s network surveillance doesn’t work like it should. What better way to get rid of damning evidence than to delete the proof? At least, that’s the way some people are looking at the destruction of Einstein records and the potential nuking of years of DHS and CIA emails.

Homeland Security to nuke Einstein data

The Department of Homeland Security claims there is “no research significance” in the Einstein network monitoring system data. According to NextGov, DHS wants to delete Einstein data that is at least three years old and contains files about “traffic to government websites, agency network intrusion and general vulnerabilities.” DHS said “there is ‘quickly diminishing value for most of the data collected pursuant to intrusion detection, prevention and analysis.’ A three-year retention period for reference purposes is sufficient, and ‘the records have no value beyond that point’ but can be kept longer, if needed.”  

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