FireEye revealed that over 100 firms have been attacked via their email accounts since mid-2013 by Wall Street-wise hackers out to play the stock market with pilfered insider info; while not naming the victims, FireEye said most are pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Victims also include investment bankers, attorneys, researchers, scientists, regulatory and compliance personnel, people in advisory and risk roles, C-level executives, senior leadership and others who “regularly discuss confidential, market-moving information.”

FIN4 targets FireEye

This time the attackers are not Chinese, Russian or North Korean nation-state hackers, but native English speakers. “We suspect they are Americans, given their Wall Street inside knowledge,” Jen Weedon, FireEye’s manager of threat intelligence told Bloomberg. “They seem to have worked on Wall Street.”  FireEye calls the hackers “FIN4” because of their focus on the financial sector.  

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