There’s always something funny about tablet ads that show people doing all sorts of unique and creative things with their iPads – Apple’s latest, released on Sunday, includes:

  • Building an iPad into a motorcycle
  • 3D printing design (or something)
  • Agricultural plot location tracking
  • Making a surfboard
  • Running some kind of diagnostics on a car engine
  • Designing a tattoo
  • Throwing a pumpkin off a building
  • It’s hard to tell, but I think there are a few people in an ultra-brief shot toward the end wearing them screen-side-out on their faces as masks.

I mean, wow, right? Look at all the creative stuff that’s happening. Look at all these cool, progressive uses to which these diverse folks are putting the iPad Air 2. Who would have even thought of building an iPad into a motorcycle for use as digital instrumentation? Or using it to track what’s growing where in your cool urban rooftop garden?

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